A/C Maintainance & Duct Cleaning

We provide wide variety of tailored solutions to suit our customer needs

A/C Maintainance & Duct Cleaning

Air ducting have been shown to act as a collection source for a variety of contaminants that have the potential to affect health, such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and very small particles of dust. The removal of such contaminants from the ducting should be considered as one component in an overall plan to improve indoor air quality. The quality of the air we breathe both indoors and out has a great impact on lung Health. In most homes, central air conditioners work together with an existing forced-air system to cool and circulate air. The air is cooled when it passes over the central air conditioner's evaporator coil, which is the main component of the system located inside the house. The cooled air then travels through the ducts into the home while room-temperature air is pulled into the furnace's return air duct, beginning the cycle again.The condeser unit, which is located outside the home, is the other main component of the central air conditioning system. Both the evaporator coil and condenser are sealed systems, and require servicing by a professional technician. However, homeowners can perform some basic air conditioner maintenance that can keep the system's components clean and functioning properly

Fragile lung tissue is easily damaged by pollutants in the air, resulting in increased risk of asthma and allergies, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. We at Pesto Clean take care of this professional cleaning in residence as well as commercial properties.


As with most HVAC systems, air ventilator maintenance primarily requires regular cleaning or replacing of air filters once every three to nine months. Air filter cleaning can be done with a vacuum, or by rinsing the filter and letting it air dry. In addition to air filter replacement, periodically check to make sure the air ventilator’s intake and exhaust are unobstructed, and that the fan blades are relatively free of accumulated dust and dirt.


As with the air ventilator, your Trane CleanEffectsTM air cleaner filter should be cleaned or changed regularly, usually every three to nine months, or according to the air cleaner owner’s manual instructions. It’s also important to make sure airflow is not restricted to the air cleaner by built-up dust, furniture or other obstructions.


While some maintenance and cleaning can be done yourself, a professional technician should be hired for the majority of regular servicing and repairs. If your humidifier, ventilator or air cleaner do not work after regular maintenance, contact a Trane Comfort Specialist for a diagnosis and repair estimate. Also, remember to follow the maintenance instructions outlined in your owner’s manual to keep your air quality systems running smoothly.


PAMSERVE LLC have well trained team to provide A/C Maintenance & Duct Cleaning solutions. We provide wide variety of tailored solutions to suit our customer needs. Our Services include

  • Specialized in Air Duct cleanings
  • Workforce is professionally trained

Facts about Air Ducts

  • AC unit and associated duct will accumulate dust, debris, pathogens etc. over a period of time, especially in Middle East.
  • Due to high temperature and humidity, Air ducts can be a breeding ground for microbes, bacteria and mould.
  • Air passing through the contaminated duct work can transmit allergens and pathogens into the building.
  • Cause serious risk to health and wellbeing of people who inhale contaminated air.
  • Fresh air in buildings is the key to safe, comfortable and efficient living and working conditions.


PAMSERVE can provide variety of Air duct cleaning solutions depending upon the requirement.

  • Rotary brush cleaning in conjunction with an air mover.
  • Wanding
  • Manual hand cleaning
  • Air whipping


Recommended Occasions to do Air Duct Cleaning

  • Once every year is the default requirement.
  • If anyone in the household shows signs of allergies, experience headaches, nasal congestion, or other sinus problems.
  • After renovation of house
  • If dust is accumulated in the air vent
  • Before start of summer, if ac unit was left unused in winter.
  • After leak – if the water has entered your duct system
  • When moving into new home
  • Musty or stale odours from duct unit
  • Sweeping and dusting the furniture needs to be done more than usual.
  • After cleaning, there is still left over visible dust floating around the house.
  • Rooms in the house have little or no air flow coming from the vents.
  • Occupants are experiencing signs of sickness, e.g. fatigue, headache, sneezing, stuffy or running nose, irritability, nausea, dry or burning sensation in eyes, nose and throat.

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